Transfert de gros fichier

 How to Transfer Big Files

Wondering how to transfer big files? You have tried email, but it does not work? This is because email systems are blocking messages with attachments too heavy. The maximum size of an item rarely exceeds 20 MB. This limits considerably the sending of images and videos via email. You have a few ways around the problem. First, you can always copy your files to a USB key and have it delivered to its recipient, but what a waste of time and money! You can also try to compress your file to the maximum ("zipped" files for example), but this is not always possible. Sometimes there way to break your file into smaller documents, but it is not very convenient and, above all, it is not very professional. The best solution is to use a file hosting service on the Web, that is to say, a site for sharing electronic files. It's fast, simple and economical.

Specifically, how to send large files easily, you can simply login to the site to share electronic files Sytern. It is clearly explained on the site how to send large files to a single person or how to transfer big files to multiple recipients at once. The site is accessible 24 hours and 24 offer attractive packages to suit your needs for the electronic transfer. In addition, you do not need to install special software: a Web browser only: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla.

How to transfer big files to one person
You need to know how to transfer big files to one person? It's simple: connect to Sytern, enter the email address, then download the file. The file is thus "stored" virtually on servers Sytern, safely and confidentially. The recipient will receive an email notification indicating that you have posted a file for him on Sytern. This notice is accompanied by a link that leads to the file. When the person downloads your file, you receive a download. No follow-up to do!

How to transfer big files to multiple recipients
You need to know how to transfer big files to multiple recipients? Follow the instructions in How to transfer big files to one person above, but add a comma between each email address. This is exactly the same principle. Each person will receive a notice stating that a file was submitted to her, and you will receive a download for each person. Check out other functions Sytern to make your file management tool favorite!

Here! You now know how to transfer big files without breaking your head!